Mini Manicure Kit
NGN 5,912.50
Groomed Travel Kit with Toilet Bag
NGN 21,500
Groomed Kit with Hand Cream and Clipper Bag
NGN 37,625
Groomed Clipper Bag
NGN 10,750
Afro Comb
NGN 3,225
Wahl Clippers (Cordless)
NGN 129,000
Wahl Clippers (Corded)
NGN 48,375
Groomed Full Set
NGN 48,375
Maintenance Kit with Pouch
NGN 10,750
Groomed Kit with Hand Cream
NGN 26,875
Groomed Kit
NGN 24,725
Beard Serum
NGN 5,375
Beard Conditioning Balm
NGN 5,375
Dual Purpose Beard Conditioning Shampoo
NGN 7,525
Dual Purpose Hair Conditioning Shampoo
NGN 7,525
Hand cream
NGN 2,687.50
Sporting waves
NGN 3,500
Wahl Corded Detailer
NGN 69,875
Wahl Cordless Detailer
NGN 91,375


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